Kubernetes Taints and Tolerations


Taints and Tolerations — Concepts

kubectl taint nodes node1 key1=value1:NoSchedule
kubectl taint nodes node1 key1=value1:NoExecute
kubectl taint nodes node1 key2=value2:NoSchedule
- key: "key1"
operator: "Equal"
value: "value1"
effect: "NoSchedule"
- key: "key1"
operator: "Equal"
value: "value1"
effect: "NoExecute"
- key: "key1"
operator: "Equal"
value: "value1"
effect: "NoExecute"
tolerationSeconds: 3600

Use Cases for Taints and Tolerations

Dedicated Nodes

Nodes with Special Hardware

Taint-Based Evictions

  • pods that do not tolerate the taint are evicted immediately
  • pods that tolerate the taint without specifying tolerationSeconds in their toleration specification remain bound forever
  • pods that tolerate the taint with a specified tolerationSeconds remain bound for the specified amount of time
  • node.kubernetes.io/not-ready: Node is not ready. This corresponds to the NodeCondition Ready being "False".
  • node.kubernetes.io/unreachable: Node is unreachable from the node controller. This corresponds to the NodeCondition Ready being "Unknown".
  • node.kubernetes.io/memory-pressure: Node has memory pressure.
  • node.kubernetes.io/disk-pressure: Node has disk pressure. In case of High disk utilization on nodes, it can cause slowness for application so its better to relocate pods.
  • node.kubernetes.io/pid-pressure: Node has PID pressure.
  • node.kubernetes.io/network-unavailable: Node's network is unavailable.
  • node.kubernetes.io/unschedulable: Node is unschedulable.
  • node.cloudprovider.kubernetes.io/uninitialized: Node is unschedulable. Any other reason that will make the node inappropriate for hosting pods, for example if the cluster is being scaled down and the node is being removed.

How to Use Taints and Tolerations

kubectl get nodes -o=custom-columns=NodeName:.metadata.name,TaintKey:.spec.taints[*].key,TaintValue:.spec.taints[*].value,TaintEffect:.spec.taints[*].effect
NodeName TaintKey TaintValue TaintEffect
cluster01-master-1 node-role.kubernetes.io/controlplane,node-role.kubernetes.io/etcd true,true NoSchedule,NoExecute
cluster01-master-2 node-role.kubernetes.io/controlplane,node-role.kubernetes.io/etcd true,true NoSchedule,NoExecute
cluster01-master-3 node-role.kubernetes.io/controlplane,node-role.kubernetes.io/etcd true,true NoSchedule,NoExecute
cluster01-worker-1 <none> <none> <none>
kubectl taint nodes cluster01-worker-1 app=frontend:NoSchedule
node/cluster01-worker-1 tainted



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